Connecticut dating ideas

Its scenic countryside offers sleigh or carriage rides.

On the streets of Conneticut's charming villages, you can enjoy a wide variety of restaurants and people watching.

Located on Chapel Street, the Yale University Art Gallery is an art museum housed in several buildings on the campus of Yale University in New Haven.

The museum’s collection spans all periods and cultures, but is especially strong in its works of African sculptures, American decorative and fine arts, Italian paintings, and modern art.

Dating in college is fun and certainly a great idea.

You’re around lots of intelligent people who share your interests and ideas.

Whatever the season, you and your sweetheart can enjoy Connecticut's best date spots.

Connecticut offers leafy forests and snowy fields for romantic excursions.

If you’re jumping on in this summer, have fun and remember to be safe.About a year before baby, my husband Eric and I instituted Friday date nights.Each week we take turns planning something fun to do together.Consisting of 16 acres, it is a privately owned park that originally served as the central square of a nine-square settlement plan designed by John Brockett, one of the original Puritan colonists. When the Lafayette children gather to catalogue their recently deceased father's Arkansas estate, a gruesome relic of his haunted past is unearthed.It doesn’t have to be fancy, just a chance to set aside everything else and enjoy time with one another. Our first date night after Coops was born consisted of Chinese food and bedtime for the both of us at pm.


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