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It seems that our cynicism about the "free" status of software and services is ultimately overridden by the fact that we'd rather do anything than cough up money to use them.

Often, the moment we cease to care about our privacy coincides with the moment we decline to tap in our 16-digit card number, and while AVG has been cast as the villain for daring to make money from a product that it provides for zero pounds a pop, at least it's being upfront about it.

See the website for more details and to download the app Information and support for young people If you are between 11-19 you can arrange your own appointment with the School Nurse Team via a text service (which operates between 9am - 5pm) on 07520 615387.

THIS IS CONFIDENTIAL and you should get a response the same day if you contact them during those hours or outside of these times, you will get a standard reply with some contact numbers if you need urgent advice.

Parental Controls From the Kindle Fire home screen swipe the black top bar down and a settings bar should appear. You can now alter the Parental Control settings on the device.To learn more about Amazon Sponsored Products, click here. Childline has launched an app that is the first to provide counselling to young people in need of help directly through their mobile devices.With that slightly annoying mime video, it has come pretty close to saying "Tanstaafl" to its customers: if you're not prepared to pay for useful things, you will end up paying in some other, more nebulous way that's becoming increasingly difficult to quantify. While sitting in a meeting last week, a girlfriend of mine had a pressing issue she wanted to discuss.I’ve removed the links to Skype and Facebook, for example, and eliminated the email icon from favorites since my daughter is a few years away from getting an email account.


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