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In November alone, voters in three states - California, Massachusetts and Nevada - passed measures to allow recreational use; three other states - Arkansas, Florida and North Dakota - voted to legalise the drug for medicinal purposes.Safran says career often influences if someone tolerates a potential mate's marijuana use.From ghosting to asking to split the check, 2016 was a year of dating don'ts.Experts linked daters' general sense of feeling burned out from online dating to negative trends that appeared in the past year.Daters are "more quick to judge because they know that if you're not spectacular, they can go back to their inbox, and just swipe right again tomorrow," Jacoby says.This means a lot of first dates, and not many second dates, as noted by Jess Mc Cann, author of .See more ยป by Cristen Conger | Mar 16, 2016 Emoji are revolutionizing the way we communicate while also communicating gender stereotypes about women.

Ever feel like you make a lot of mistakes when it comes to dating? Dating mistakes happen all the time - even when we're older and wiser.

So when libido dips, why are we so quick to pathologize it?

Cristen and Caroline talk with filmmaker Maria Finitzo about her latest project, a look into female desire and women having agency over their own bodies.

As of July 2015, a six-month membership costs .00.

The membership is discounted for full-time students, recent graduates, and residents of certain states. The first is a short 35-to-50 word profile, which is visible to all members of the opposite sex.


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