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Coming to my habits, as I am a software engineer I work about 14 hours on the system per day.I also used to masturbate daily by seeing porn in the mobile.) #music (Make requests for songs on x Xx RADIO or post youtube music links) #fuck_me_in_front_of_everyone (Where the women are wet and the men are hard) #bbw (For those who appreciate larger curvaceous women with a fuller figure) #anime (Anime, toons and hentai lovers) #singles (Single, divorced or separated?

This over time started to cause pain on my right hand especially at the elbow due to mobile weight.Hi doctor, I have been masturbating for about 11 years and from a few weeks my right elbow started paining. I am a software engineer and I am working with computer for the past 11 years.When I sleep on my back and have my forehands over my chest, they become numb sometimes. But in side pose also, if I have my hands bent the forehands become numb after a while. Apart from this, I also get some pain on my right elbow.Also, during long drive my right elbow pains and slight numbness felt now and then.It is not so much intense that I am unable to work, but it is disturbing and I do not know how to put them to rest. You may also know this camsite under the alias of chatterbate, chatrubate, chaterbait, chatterbait or just


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