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The patch fixes some multiplayer game and level issues, raises the gamestate from 16k to 128k and addresses the Punk Buster GUID issue where players were not being assigned Punk Buster GUID's of exactly 32 characters.

The Call of Duty 2 1.3 patch is an all-inclusive installation, containing all of the previous updates from the 1.2 patch and the 1.01 patch.

Download Beginning with Punk Buster client version 1.500, we have extended the Punk Buster Anti-Cheat system to operate without the requirement to run Punk Buster supported games with Administrator privileges when running under Windows 2000, XP, or Vista.Now on wine appdb they said they could fix it with an alternative punkbuster inatall What works Multiplayer works good.Punkbuster works by adding the official linux punkbuster files for linux ( Patching to version 1.3 works but needs another no-cd crack to let singleplayer working.Another workaround is to start a new game and then change graphics settings from there. Az évek során azt tapasztaltuk, hogy csak nehezen lehet a magyarországi fellelni, illetve az oldalak amelyek megpróbálták összegyűjteni a , azok számunkra gyakorlatilag átláthatatlanok és kezelhetetlenek., CD-ROM edition with 6 discs and a DVD-ROM version.


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