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The difference is: "copy as override into" on a CELL record will just copy that single CELL record "deep copy as override into" will copy that CELL record and all the LAND, PGRD, REFR, ACRE, ACHR, ...

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Second, you have to mark the checkbox in the CS and update distant LOD data for the worldspace for those structures to be visible in game.

You should also check the Official Bethesda Oblivion FAQ for your OS for details of how to resolve specific error messages and other issues.

In terms of community support, there are a wide range of forums which provide varying degrees of help for Oblivion problems.

Browse files Categories New today New recently Latest files Top files Tag search Files of the month Files without tags Add a file Manage your files Manage files you have access to Tracking centre Download history Any Mod with pre-generated LOD and instructions to overwrite the LOD generated by Dyn for the current load order is always wrong and incompatible and should be removed.

Instead acquire and install the LOD resources to generate compatible LOD for the current LOD order.


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