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In my previous post, I let you see the inner workings of my adolescent mind and how I evolved into the sexual man I am today.

After I got out of school, I began applying the knowledge I gained from a younger age to the adult dating world. The idea that women wanted to be desired held true more than ever before.

Both of them are very funny men and they have a great chemistry.”3. From pop culture happenings to the latest in aromatherapy recommendations, this is the kind of conversation you want to overhear — even if it means you’ll have FOMO that you’re not best friends with them in real life.4. — Paul Scheer, Jason Mantzoukas, and June Diane Raphael discuss one thing that unites the entire of humanity: our love for absolutely dreadful films.

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Each episode, they call up a guy they’ve had sex with at some point to interview him, but the thing that really catches your ear is their support of one another and the big laughs in between.2.

Elis James and John Robins — This British podcast, based on a Radio X Saturday show, is rated for its personalities and witty retorts.

Our reader recommendation said: “Ellis is a laid-back, football-loving, down-to-earth Welshman and John is an uptight, Queen-obsessed, slightly insane Englishman. Do yourself and literally the entire world a favor and listen to Alesia, Aurelia, Fatima, and Ramou talk through their lives and share their stories so you can live your own life better.

Sure, I could go vintage with ‘FAT CHICKS SHIT ME’, rocking the retro with ‘ALL YOU VIRGINS THANKS FOR NOTHING’ or getting my postmodern on with ‘NO ROOT NO RIDE’ but they just don’t cut it. It was my boyfriend Anthony’s response when I asked if he was coming to Slutwalk. Cause you’re not allowed to rape sluts either”.“What’s in it for me? Many other beautiful men in my circle may not have been fathered by such plain-speaking and non-apologetic misogynists but grew up surrounded by strong subliminal messages from men they were expected to look up to, relentless one-dimensional images in the media of sexual objectification of women and the constant representation of females as trophies, slaves, bitches or service providers. It would have been clearer if they just came out and said it. “She wouldn’t sleep with you so now you’re calling her a slut. ”Despite what you may have been lead to believe misogyny is not genetic, inherited and nor is it a default setting. As a mother of boys, a lover of men and just a plain old human being this idea men have no honour, decency, basic courtesy, no ability for restraint and no sense of judgment I find deeply offensive and profoundly troubling. If you understand that debating if a victim of rape or sexual abuse’s clothes or activities were sluttish is futile and counterproductive and the only effective way forward is to dissolve, dismantle and distort the common use of the word slut in an attempt to lessen ‘being, dressing or acting like a slut’ as an excuse for rape or sexual abuse then please come to or support Slutwalk. Or if someone with a multi-million dollar house get robbed? The only one who wasn’t asking for it is the 85-year-old woman asleep in her bed raped by an intruder.

‘You’re not allowed to rape sluts either’ is the message we need to get across. Sluts are people too, I don’t know much about sluts but I know what I like, I’m a slut and I vote…and so forth. ” he asked.“A shag,” I said, “And an opportunity to meet heaps of sluts.”“Cool. Slut shaming may be a comfort or convenient excuse for some but it diminishes all men by inferring that none of them have any ability, responsibility or desire to control their sexual urges. And I can’t help wondering who has a vested interest in propagating this myth. Forget about the hair splitting and think of Slutwalk like when a kid comes back from having chemotherapy and the whole class has their head shaved. As far as the word being ‘offensive’ ‘inappropriate’ or ‘provocative’ according to who? But, between you and I, you should have seen her nightie…The urge for women to ‘not dress like sluts’. Never too young.’I told him I wished someone had taken me to Slutwalk when I was five.


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