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While the idea was to give away one pair of his unique canvas slip-ons for every pair sold, another benefit emerged.

That may be naive, and you may disagree, but it is my sincere belief.So he took a sabbatical to figure out the future of TOMS and his role in it.The improbable result was an expansion into coffee." In the fall of 2012 the author decided he needed to do some soul-searching.The start-up he’d founded six years earlier had grown into a global company with more than 0 million in revenue, and it was still delivering on its promise to donate a pair of shoes for every pair sold, but Mycoskie felt disillusioned.On the personal side, he became a dad at precisely the same time, a huge motivator to give up some of the day-to-day responsibilities of Toms, now a force that includes a great variety of footwear, along with eyewear, bags and coffee. One is the criticism of, OK you are providing aid and if you are really serious about poverty alleviation, aid is not the only answer, and actually that criticism led us to change our supply chain to create the factory in Haiti, do the factory in India, do it in Kenya, Ethiopia, all these places." Now, about 40 percent of all shoes given away are made in the countries where they are distributed, he said. "Now the other criticism I think comes from saying that shoes aren't really needed, or just give them money, or why shoes in the first place," Mycoskie said.


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