Infinite scroll preset database doesn t exist try updating

However, recently there is a new trend started by popular sites (such as facebook and twitter) in which they automatically load the next page content once the user hits the bottom of the post.

This technique has proven to show an increase in time spent on page by the user because the new content loads automatically.

Multipeak Fit 2 package: The Exp Mod Gauss peak shape (exponentially modified Gaussian) has been modified to accept a negative shape factor (exponential tau fit coefficient) to indicate that the long tail extends to the left.

Multipeak Fit 2 package: Added Display Peaks Full X Width of Graph to the Options area of the main panel.

I have used the W3 Cloudflare Max CDN Site Ground combo to make multiple Word Press site load 400% faster – now let’s do yours! Of course if you want a nice report like this you NEED to be on fast servers, minimize plugins and external requests, optimize images, and ideally do everything in my Word Press speed guide. Upload under Performance → General Settings → Import / Export Settings.

The test assumes that the updates still go through the same Package::install DB() method in the future, but I did not find any other easy way to test this as it would require creating a dummy packge which would have to be moved into the /packages directory during the tests and changing the package's (or the whole package) during the test.

that already exist are not updated properly The underlying reason is that the XML schema parsers are set to ignore existing tables by default: Parser.php#L8 Is there any actual reason the default is set to Yeah, I think you're right.

I think the problem is that we started out never using the schema comparator (look through for examples of how this works) – which basically diffs the schema of the DB verses a schema loaded from a package or a block.

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Infinite scroll has been called autopagerize, unpaginate, endless pages.


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