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Take for example Declan Donnolly and Georgie Thompson.That their relationship lasted only two years was no surprise - they score only 12 compatibility points on the Astro Pal scale when you compare their two birth dates (Declan - 25 September 1975 and Georgie - 25 September 1977).Rather than hang around, he called it quits during the second Test in Antigua.In true Mac Gill style he stepped down with plaudits for his fine bowling contributions, honest personal reflections and a fine for sleeping in.After showing they could work in tandem with 13 wickets against Pakistan at Sydney in 2005, Mac Gill hoped - almost pleaded - for more double-act opportunities.Playing seven matches in 2005-06, he dismantled the World XI with nine victims and accepted 16 wickets in the two-game series against Bangladesh.

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“But there he is, saying, ‘Hey, I was just thinking about you’.” But in a world where everything is instant, is crying "breadcrumb" the worst sign of entitlement?

Brett Lee (born 8 November 1976) is a former Australian international cricketer and film actor. During his international career, Lee was recognised as one of fastest bowler in the world of cricket along with Shoaib Akhtar.

He is known for his consistency of pace, going over 150 kilometres per hour (93 mph) throughout his career.

An old-fashioned operator with a gargantuan legbreak and majestic wrong'un, Stuart Mac Gill had the best strike-rate and worst luck of any modern spin bowler.

His misfortune was to play alongside Shane Warne in an age when Australia, the land of Grimmett and O'Reilly, paradoxically frowned on the concept of fielding two wrist-spinners at once.


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