Spam dating site purra academy dating sim 2

Could this dating spam have come from your boyfriend's former adult dating site use?

It's possible, yet more likely that your cell number got thrown into some database somewhere (similar to emailed internet dating scams).

OP, why the fuck would he be getting invites if he were a member?

Looking at websites does not give them your email address.

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This TOP 10 chart of ROKSO-listed spammers is based on Spamhaus views of the highest threat, least repentant, most persistent, and generally the worst of the career spammers causing the most damage on the internet currently. They send tens of millions of spams per day using botnet techniques. Host spammed web sites on botnets and on bulletproof Chinese web hosting.

All this SPAM was not helping the forums since those where the messages most visitors were seeing the most (since they where the newest posts).

It also started to get time consuming for me logging in every few hours to delete 4 or 5 messages.

One of the longest operating criminal spam-lords on the internet.

Works with many other Eastern Euro and US based botnet spammers. Huge spamhaus tied into distribution and billing for child, animal, and incest-porn, pirated software, and pharmaceuticals.


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