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Kevin and the club are delighted with assisting these community service partners.Maria Hudolin Past ADG (L) and Irene Sottile (R), Assistant District Governor 5580 are flanking Colin Bruce, recipient of a prestigious Paul Harris #3 pin.

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Pigeon English will be read by millions who have never read a book review and in a year or so it will be a fixture on the school English syllabus.

However the personal touch, face to face still holds sway... New Rotarian Peter Viitala entered the Rotary family at our first 2016 meeting with fanfare. Roly Turner, current (in his 4th year) Rotary District Foundation Chair, delivered a masterful explanation of the Rotary Foundation.

so he encouraged everyone to partner with their pharmacist.. Bryan was introduced by Brenda Winter (pictured on right with Brian in the middle and President Darren Fisk on the left), and thanked by Martti (he lives with pharma). Here he is fêted with (Left to Right) President Fisk, Peter, Past President Seppo Paivalainen, and proposer PP Dave Legge. Specifically his Power Point presentation (see link) was entitled “ an Introduction to the Programs and their Funding.” This is essential material for all members wishing to familiarize themselves with the “big” picture of Rotary internationally; highly regarded as a foundation globally.

around the globe (thanks to the glories of stock footage), was quite the pop-culture phenomenon in the mid-1960s, even as the show’s tone wavered from fairly serious to cartoonish and back again over its four seasons. In 1968, after appearing in the movie spinoffs from “The Man From UNCLE,” Vaughn appeared in Mc Queen vehicle “Bullitt” as the politician who’s out for the head of Mc Queen’s cop while pressure mounts from other directions as well (and a lot of nifty car chases around San Francisco are offered up).

(Though when the enduringly popular film was adapted into a TV series in 1998, Vaughn returned in the recurring role of Judge Oren Travis, and when the material was contemporized and turned into the story of a British soccer team in a 2013 film called “The Magnificent Eleven,” the actor duly starred as the villain, a gangster named American Bob.) Antoine Fuqua also directed a remake of the film, starring Denzel Washington and Chris Pratt, this year.


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