Shortest dating period before engagement

He told me to walk over and look out at the view while he set up a radio. And then we drove home and the wedding planning began.

He walked over to me, knelt down and asked me to marry him. We may not be veterans at the whole marriage thing but we are definitely not newbies.

It’s barely a year since you met Albert and there are many things that you still need to know about him. That’s what Kayitesi’s friend told her despite the fact that she is 24 years old.

How long should one date before popping the question?

There are so many things to talk about before getting engaged because you may have dated your fiancee for quite a while but you might not know all the answers.

That’s why we’re sharing these couple questions to get the conversation started. It was a short dating period but we were together every single night after our first date and so a couple of months felt like we’d been together for a lot longer.

People who have goals to get married in the next three years may not waste a lot of time during dating like those who are in no particular hurry to settle down,” says Anthony Muriungi a teacher in Nairobi.

Other Factors A lot of people though believe that the ideal dating period, dating here defined as the period of going out before making a commitment towards marriage, should not be defined by any hard or fast rules. And it will depend on different things, like how much time you spend together, your past experiences, your age and your goals.

These are some of the answers you are likely to get if you decided to ask people the ideal length of the dating period.“The issue of the ideal dating period comes down to the two parties involved because, like in my case, after dating for a year and six months and a brief engagement period, we decided to get married though my parents had different ideas.They wanted me to first work and even get a Master’s degree.I’m not saying that it was wrong for them to have my best interests at heart but sometimes if the people involved don’t put their foot down they will never get married soon enough,” Uwase says.Uwase says the trends have changed from the traditional ways of dating and marriage.WHEN Yvette Kayitesi and Albert Nshizirungu decided to get married after dating for eight months, Kayitesi’s family and friends went up in arms.


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