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Presenting the evidence to substantiate this argument is not the main reason the book was written.

Documenting the methods used by the elite to manipulate, control and exploit those with less money or power is the real purpose.

Cash flow rose by 8.6 percent to P69.27 billion while consolidated revenue rose by 4.9 percent to P240.5 billion last year.Total revenue went up by 9.6 percent to P61.9 billion mainly due to a 4.1-percent growth in passenger volume and 4.9-percent increase in average fares.JG Petrochemicals Group posted a 62.4-percent profit increase to P5.13 billion. URC’s profit fell by 7.1 percent to P12.87 billion.URC’s net earnings also declined 7.1 percent to P12.87 billion because of lower sales of the branded consumer foods group. The banking group earned P256.65 million, up 140.6 percent year on year.Revenues grew 14.9 percent to P3.41 billion due to increase in interest income recognized from finance receivables and trading gains. posted a 6.9-percent increase in its consolidated core net income to P29.97 billion last year as the double-digit earnings growth of its airline and petrochemicals businesses made up for the slack in branded consumer foods business and dividends from PLDT Inc.


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