Accommodating cultural differences and commonalities

In addition it is important to engage students in exploring the culturally based assumptions of whatever subject they are studying.In studying the “Westward Movement” (the settlement of the American west), for example, it is important to point out that this movement was “westward” only from the point of view of the white Americans living in the eastern United States.

These pupils may end up in special education programs, either because of mislabeling or because educators have "created" a learning disability or emotional and/or behavioral disorder. Cultural diversity, families, and the special education system. Despite much rhetoric and research, a fundamental question in preservice teacher education continues to elicit much debate: What do teacher candidates need to become effective teachers?The answer to this basic question is as varied as the myriad of philosophical and epistemological perspectives that span the history of pedagogy.Before reading the article, please take a moment to review this caution statement: It is important, when speaking about any group of people, to keep certain cautions and principles in mind. Please read carefully the numbered items found next. Our ability to give every child a chance to succeed in school depends upon a full understanding of culture and learning styles.


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