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This is a tip for all dating site users: When signing up and creating a profile on an online dating service, try to search the internet first for reviews such as this one. Also, never forget to carefully read the Terms and Conditions of use, since the proof of the site’s fraudulent actions is usually hiding in this document. Smoochy Brands Ltd is the company behind Well, and we have found the evidence that suggest this company creates fake dating profiles of women and fills them up with fake photographs, made-up personal information, fictional interests, etc.

These profiles are called “Love Hostesses” and are indicated by a green heart icon.

Around 99% customers end relationships with companies that fail to build customer trust.

According to a Cybersource survey, 73% consumers feel shopping online is riskier than shopping offline.

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Another client, Karsten Lund (a conversion specialist), A/B tested an e-mark on an e Commerce store to register 32% increase in conversions. 2) Always open in https Shakespeare might have discounted the importance of names — thanks to the famous “What’s in a name” quote.A whopping 9.1 billion in online sales revenue is lost every year because of shoppers’ fears (and this is 2008 data). Is there no way to remove these doubts and build long-lasting trust with these reluctant users? But before that, let’s understand the problem at hand in a little more detail.More than 50% of Internet users avoid buying online because they are afraid their financial information might be stolen.Now depending on the market capitalization and brand image of your company, this means you have the potential to double your customer base.You could coax these potential 50% users into shopping by ensuring their credit card information is not misused. 1) Use identifiable trust badges They are nice and reassuring and have the power to stop a user in his track when on a ‘Control W’ clicking spree.You trust your kids, but you also know that with kids you need to take the proper precautions at home and away, to make sure that they stay safe and do not venture into the seedy world of internet porn and other dangerous or inappropriate social media.


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