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The new movie is being directed by filmmaker Lang Elliott, who hasn't actually directed a movie since the 1994 Lou Ferrigno action film is set in a small Maine town where the Trenton family has just moved.

Their new neighbors are the Camber family - and it's their big St. While investigating a cave in the fields behind his home, the dog gets bit by a rabid bat, and begins to go crazy.

The new title seems to suggest that the titular St.

Bernard won't just be any dog, but instead a dog from some kind of military operation.

Expect more than the occasional blood and gore; a discovered dead body of one of Cujo's victims, and the severe emotional trauma a mother and young son endure while stuck in a Ford Pinto that won't start on an empty farmhouse while a vicious rabid dog tries to kill them, make this best for older teens and adults.

It engages in designing a plug-and-play device to protect personal electronic devices from malware, hacks and intrusions, as well as monitoring all devices connected to home Internet services.Perhaps he is a genetically engineered canine that has been designed purely for killing? First Edition Release Date: September, 1981Synopsis: The Cambers' once-friendly St.There is occasional profanity, including use of "f--k" during a climactic scene.A man is drunk at the dinner table; there are implications that he's abusive to both his wife and child. Cujo is bitten by a bat on the nose; close-up shots of bats shrieking.After killing a few people, Cujo ultimately corners Donna and the young Tad Trenton and traps them inside their car - leaving them desperate for any way to escape.


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