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Portland Greendrinks is part of the international Greendrinks network — an informal, volunteer-managed social networking group built around a common interest in the natural environment.It occurs on the second Tuesday of every month, starting at pm.

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From the time I arrived in December all through January, there were maybe two or three days total that the city wasn’t blanketed in gray storm clouds.

Full story » May 18th, 1980 is a date that is bound to stick in the memory of many who grew up in the Pacific Northwest. Saint Helens finally blew her top sending immeasurable tons of debris into the sky and down her slopes and killing 57 people in the process. Full story » After the past few days of much needed sun, both for myself and my garden, I rolled out of bed this morning and eagerly embraced the realization that is was time to water the plants again!

Now, you probably think I am being sarcastic (at least my fiance does) but watering is actually one of my favorite parts of...

Matt Forney is a Chicago-based author, journalist and radio host.

He blogs at Matt and is also on Gab, Instagram, Sound Cloud, and You Tube.


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