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The eventual ascendance some years later of radiometric dating over other methods for determining geologic time owes more to British physicist and geologist Arthur Holmes than perhaps any other scientist.It was Holmes who, with his vital early research, improved the technique and propelled it forward after early attempts faltered.Ask how old Earth is and the answer will almost invariably be 4.55 billion years, give or take a few tens of millions of years.Today, most geologic ages are well established and widely agreed upon.material and is consistent with the radiometric ages of the oldest-known terrestrial and lunar samples.Following the development of radiometric age-dating in the early 20th century, measurements of lead in uranium-rich minerals showed that some were in excess of a billion years old.

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It is hypothesised that the accretion of Earth began soon after the formation of the calcium-aluminium-rich inclusions and the meteorites.

Because the exact amount of time this accretion process took is not yet known, and the predictions from different accretion models range from a few million up to about 100 million years, the exact age of Earth is difficult to determine.


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