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It feels it’s another kick in the teeth once a year that we don’t have the opportunity to celebrate it in a way I would like to.Mother’s Day is a very emotional day for me.” What’s worse is that as single parents, these women are doing far more than most mums.Her last staff job ended when the media outlet she was working for laid off its whole editorial team; she's been a full-time freelancer since.Aaron, a filmmaker who works part-time and also freelances, has been uninsured since her layoff, because it would be too expensive to have him on COBRA too." I urged her, certain, having watched my friends over the years, that no matter how casually she or her husband might treat the piece of paper that says they are married, getting unhitched would inevitably change their relationship as profoundly as getting hitched in the first place.But with the arrival of the Affordable Care Act's insurance exchanges, the question for Nona and her husband Aaron Cassara moved from the realm of casual conversation to a real financial conundrum.Because when you’re a mum with young children, there isn’t really that much your kids can do for you on Mother’s Day.It’s usually the dad who has to help them make breakfast, the dad who has to sit down with them and make cards, and the dad who has to book the restaurant for lunch. Lucy tells me her first few Mother’s Days alone were “miserable”: “It sharpened all my feelings about being a single parent, and was painful.” Sarah Clarke, 44, has been doing it for five years (she has a five-year-old and eight-year-old daughter) and says it just gets harder as time goes on: “The girls are starting to understand this is something we should be doing.

They can sit back, enjoy being the centre of attention, and see the handmade proof of how much their children truly appreciate them.

Each client paid five dollars and answered more than a hundred multiple-choice questions. (A previous installment had been about a singles bar—Maxwell’s Plum, on the Upper East Side, one of the first that so-called “respectable” single women could patronize on their own.) She had planned to interview Altfest, but he was out of the office, and she ended up talking to Ross.

One section asked subjects to choose from a list of “dislikes”: “1. The batteries died on her tape recorder, so they made a date to finish the interview later that week, which turned into dinner for two. Looking back now, he says that he considered computer dating to be little more than a gimmick and a fad.

I have to remember to tell my sister and ask her to help the girls make cards, or stay over and cook me breakfast.

“I’m very much someone who wanted a family and it’s another reminder I don’t have the family I always wanted and dreamt of.


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