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Apart from grouping by genres, there are good selections for topical reading which can be downloaded as well.

You can preview, stream or download any book for free, but only for 30 days.

In late 1944, the Allies invaded the Japanese-held Philippines, and soon the end of the Pacific War was within reach.

But for the last 150 American The heroic story of eleven American POWs who defied certain death in World War II—As Good as Dead is an unforgettable account of the Palawan Massacre survivors and their daring escape.

Interestingly, the copy of 'The Grand Design' i obtained several weeks ago is one of the few audio books i have not read by a machine.

anywho, what i am tring to get at is, can anyone help me?

That page has links to human-read audio books and computer-generated audio books. The other day, I heard a disabled woman speak using a voice synthesizing computer device, and it sounded amazing. Yet Stephen Hawking still seems to be using a Speak 'n Spell from circa 1981 to do his voicing for him.

I don't know if this is just because I'm watching old videos, or because he's stuck with that voice to remain recognizable. BTW, I trust you were referring to the Physicist Stephen Hawking, and not Stephen Hawkins the Olympic Rower, or Stephen Hawkins the Magician...

At Cambridge Walpole came under the influence of Conyers Middleton, an unorthodox theologian.

To make these voyages more enjoyable I have been downloading old time radio shows and audiobooks but i am finding it hard to find a large library to browse through on the web.

I tried librivox but could only handle so much story time with Stephen Hawkins.

As Horace Walpole was childless, on his death his barony descended to his cousin of the same surname, who was created the new Earl of Orford.

At Eton he formed with Charles Lyttelton and George Montagu the "Triumvirate", a schoolboy confederacy.


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