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In a world feeling more and more jaded, Lego is ultimately the symbol of a positive, keep-it-simple, constructivist approach to life.

We had a look at the most beloved Lego series and projects for adults that foster education, research, creative thinking and even inspire art and interior design.

, representing a huge number of potential customers with a strong, long-term loyalty to the brand — customers who might choose not to patronize a business that doesn't accept their card of choice.

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If there is one thing that has the power to turn a seasoned businessman into a kid, it’s Lego bricks.

Adults and children alike are hypnotised by the endless creation possibilities offered by the Danish toy system, the item of choice across waiting rooms worldwide and a long-time favourite in toy shop windows. While adults have (secretly) enjoyed playing with Lego since their creation in 1949, the company didn’t start to specifically target an adult audience until the 1960’s, when the Lego Scale Model line was introduced: a series of sets specifically conceived to build house models, each containing an inspirational architecture booklet.


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