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In the View Change Set pane, select files to check in and click Commit.

Add a change set comment, then click OK in the Commit dialog.

Click the pointing hand button to browse work items. By default, the selected work items will be marked Completed after check in, and the Change Set Comment will be added to the Associated Commits section of the work items.

Click the checkbox next to the work item(s) you wish to associate with the Check in. Click the green checkmark button if you do not want the work item(s) marked Completed. Uncheck the checkboxes in the Add Comment column if you do not want the Change Set Comment added to the work item.

Your source code changes will be checked in and the associated work items will be updated.

, you can select work items in the Check In dialog.

The TFS Productivity Tools project was designed to provide TFS administrators with helper extensions for Source Control or Work Item Tracking tasks.

For running these extensions the installation of Visual Studio Professional is required.

Important Change sets don't indicate whether AWS Cloud Formation will successfully update a stack.

The extensions was tested with Visual Studio 2012 only.

Provide workaround for several merge features not implemented by TFS: 1.

[ERROR] Problem running 'deliver': [ERROR] 'Deliver' failed.

Preconditions have not been met: A work item must be associated with the change set. Lifecycle Execution Exception: Failed to execute goal org.apache.maven.plugins:maven-release-plugin:2.5:prepare (default-cli) on project junit-ext: Unable to commit files Provider message: Error code for Jazz SCM deliver command - 17 I can not find any optional parameters on release:prepare command which I can use and pass the RTC workitem number on command line.


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