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She says she felt compelled to come forward with her side of the story after comments made by Carolla on his show.“He says he did this because he owed his audience the truth, but he apparently didn’t feel he owed me a conversation where he told me why I was being fired,” Rosen said of Carolla.Recounting the means by which she was informed of her dismissal — via e-mail — Rosen said Carolla “praises my professionalism and work ethic, but says that it’s just that I’ve been cast in the wrong role and that ‘sidekick’ isn’t playing to my strength.” That contradicts the account Rosen says Carolla spun to his listeners after the fact, in which “he painted a portrait of me as not a team player, not supportive, not grateful, just out for herself.” Rosen says the terms of her termination initially allowed for her to continue collaborating with other “Carolla Show” regulars, including Matt Fondiler, Chris Laxamana, Caelan Biehn and ARIYNBF producer Gary Smith.But “after appearing on my show,” Rosen said, “the guys received a strongly-worded e-mail telling them their jobs were at stake if they continued to have anything to do with me.” Among the stated reasons Rosen says Carolla claims he fired her were her refusal to contribute to a legal defense fund against a patent troll and reluctance to place “Carolla Show” indicia on her podcast profile in i Tunes.

He said that he turned Jeni down just two nights before he killed himself.Bradley’s dynamic upbeat humor and fast witted improv make him popular and keep his audience howling for more.Additionally, Butch has appeared on numerous television programs including: The Martin Short Show, VH1’s The List, The Jamie Kennedy Experiment, The Late Late Show with Craig Kilborn, HBO & Comedy Central’s Premium Blend.watched him in HBO last night and told my hubby he was dead he was shocked ..both said here is a guy who is in a room full of people who are there to see him and his name in lights and bam he kills himself .....felt that sad and lonley that he diecided the only thing to do was to take his own life ..sad...was so funny and I thought very good looking .OK here is something that I found out this year (2010) that may (or may not) have impacted Jeni's decision to kill himself.Butch was also a featured comic at the 2001 Comedy Arts Festival in Aspen, Colorado.


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    He was introduced by Laurie Tulloch (very comprehensively) and thanked by Bob Tomlinson. Allocations Chair Kevin Holloway (far L) was pleased today to present cheques to another round of worthy community recipients: Marissa Tamasi , a dietician at TBRHSC-Renal Unit on behalf of the renal unit “Hamper Program;” Mitchel Van Kannel on behalf of the MS Society (Lake Superior Chapter) re their “Client Services Program;” and (Rev) Ray Dunn on behalf of Nu-Vision’s “multicultural Youth Counsel” working with other agencies such as TB Police and Dilico in a local Thunder Bay neighbourhood.