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Which brings me to my first point: This takes some getting used to.

During Summer, we have 2, 3 and 4 week-sessions and our surroundings offer the perfect setting for a summer in the mountain. Our warm and diverse international camp community makes people feel at home.

We offer exciting programs in our camps: during summer we propose over 40 activities, sports, art, music, drama, cooking, all combined with language lessons and cultural excursions, as well as wilderness adventure trips.

Firstly, I won't question why it is a Scottish man in particular that you want to date because hey, I get it: you saw Gerard Butler in a film once and dug his accent and assume that all Scottish men are that rugged and handsome.

[: I saw Gerard Butler walking down Byres Road a couple weekends ago with this current-model girlfriend, and although my heart was a flutter at the idea of Gerard Butler, in reality it was a bit of a let down as he looked pretty hung-over].


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