Dating a blue colar guy

Now, another body image oriented photo is going viral on Facebook.

While they were here, the bf asked me to let him use my computer to look something up. Then yesterday I suddenly get an email from him, telling me that he'd had a quick look at my browser history when he'd been at my computer, and because of that knew that I was gay.

Chitoge and Kosaki had the strongest relationship between the whole group and both shared a love for a picture book Chitoge owned which was about a princess and prince falling in love and reuniting in heaven.

Chitoge decided to give Kosaki the picture book as a sign of friendship and remembrance when they can longer see each other.

As Chitoge and her friend's summer vacation comes to a close, Yui suggested that she and the rest of them make a promise to meet each other again in the future like the promise made between the prince and princess within the picture book.

A set of 4 keys and a lock are made for all five of them. Chitoge is delighted with the idea of the promise and wants to promise Raku to marry her in the future believing that he liked her.


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