How to restore an ipod without updating

On the help page on Apple's website it says that when I try to restore, it'll ask me different options on how I want to restore it (i.e. However, I didn't get this option when I tried to restore it just a few minutes ago. The key language on that page is: You will be prompted with one or more restore options that may prompt i Tunes to automatically download the latest i Pod Software.

The additional options are only offered if the older software is already stored on the computer; if not, the sole choice is to get the latest/greatest.

Once you get a copy of the version you want, just stick it in there; then disconnect from internet; fire up i Tunes, connect i Pod, and click the Restore button; i Tunes has no choice but to offer the older" software.

For many cases like the situations mentioned above, numbers of i Phone users are unwilling to upgrade their devices when they have to restore their i Phone 4/5/6/7.

ok download your ipsw from Pod_Touch_2G_3.1.3_it is a .torrent so u will need another program if u cannot download it like utorrent once you have downloaded it go back to my earlyer step once your ipod is in DFU mode » in itunes Shift click umm..

Is there a way to erase an i Pod Video 5th gen and restore it to its factory settings without i Tunes automatically updating the i Pod's software to the latest version?

Fortunately, you can fool i can get your hands on the older software.

On a Mac (for instance), the i Pod software is stored at ~/Library/i Tunes/i Pod Software Updates/ (that''s where i Tunes puts it after dowloading).


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