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Virginia City was the richest of the far west mining towns, a silver lode of immense size that was profitably mined from 1859 to 1898.During that time a substantial brick and stone town of 30,000 people was built directly over the mines.There are so many events scheduled for 2017 in Virginia City, Nevada.Come up any weekend and there will be plenty to do all year long.“Steam Built” Our graphic artist Donna showed me this video from the VCBelow The Surface website run by the Virginia City Tourism Commission: Tom is our beloved, fearless leader at the Virginia & Truckee Railroad 😆 Actually, his title is Vice President of the Virginia & Truckee Railroad Company, […] We’ve Been Working on the Railroad Technically National Train Day is the Saturday closest to May 10, but we’re not waiting!Tom Gray sent me this photo of work happening today: On the left is Alex; swinging the hammer is Dennis.Early in their history, Virginia City and its southern neighbor, Gold Hill, grew until they met at a place known as the Divide.

Package includes: The Father-Daughter Dance begins at 2 p.m.

From Carson City take Highway 50 east to Highway 341, the Comstock Highway, pass through Devil’s Gate at Silver City, past Gold Hill and the Virginia and Truckee Railroad tracks to enter Virginia City from the south.

A video overview of Virgina City “Even the devil would be homesick in Nevada,” opined Mark Twain after his short sojourn in the sagebrush territory destined to become the Silver State.

Although the Sutro Tunnel, completed in 1878, never served the pivotal function for the Comstock Mining District that Adolph Sutro imagined, it remained a bustling business throughout the nineteenth century.

Virginia City was known as the Queen of the Comstock, the internationally famous mining district.


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