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Investors in the current and past 3TS funds totaling over €300 million include EIF, EBRD, Cisco, OTP, Sitra, 3i and Kf W among others.Our team of highly qualified experts become of the portfolio companies and deliver substantial value added beyond financing.Cap Vest has invested in businesses in continental Europe, Scandinavia, the United Kingdom and Ireland and North America.Amongst others, Cap Vest has or is invested in the following businesses: Cap Vest brings unrivalled financial management experience and business knowledge to its portfolio businesses and works closely with management teams to identify and maximise opportunities for growth and development.As the weekend begins, the new friends start to hang out, as well as discuss their relationship... Dave becomes more and more interested in Aubrey, and she reciprocates.Even though she is involved with Roni (her soon to be ex), she has trouble denying her true feelings for Dave.Financial Services Headquartered in London and New York, BGC Partners (NASDAQ: BGCP) provides a wide range of services including trade execution, broker-dealer services, clearing, processing, information and other back office services.We offer our customers access to more than 200 financial products including fixed income securities, interest rate swaps, foreign exchange, equities, equity derivatives, credit derivatives, commercial real estate, commodities, futures and structured products.

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The Firm’s investment strategy is focussed on identifying and managing investments in companies and sectors where revenues are underpinned by non-discretionary demand.Recruiting and retaining top tier talent is vital to our success and elevating our brand reputation.For more information on the positions we are currently recruiting for please visit our Careers page.A patient investor, Cap Vest has established a strong record of success in delivering attractive returns by transforming the size and scale of its portfolio companies through a combination of organic and acquisition led growth.Since inception in 1999, Cap Vest has raised in excess of €4 billion in commitments and has completed over 150 transactions.Built upon the foundation of cutting edge technology and exceptional talent, BGC Partners is a pioneering global brokerage company serving the financial services and real estate markets.


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