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[A chart of New York Island & North River, East River, passage through Hell Gate, Flushing Bay, Hampstead Bay, Oyster Bay, Huntington Bay, Cow Harbour, East Chester Inlet, Rochelle, Rye, Patrick Islands, &c.] Revolutionary-era map covering the coast of Long Island from Eaton's Neck to Yellow [i.e. A survey of Frog's Neck and the rout[e] of the British Army to the 24th of October 1776, under the command of His Excellency the Honorable William Howe, General and Commander in Chief of His Majesty's forces, &ca, &ca, &ca. A topographical map of Hudsons River, with the channels depth of water, rocks, shoals &c.

Red] Hook, western Long Island Sound, parts of New York Harbor and Manhattan Island, and the Paulus Hook area of New Jersey. A plan of the city of New-York & its environs : to Greenwich, on the North or Hudsons River, and to Crown Point, on the East or Sound River, shewing the several streets, publick buildings, docks, fort & battery... and the country adjacent, from Sandy-Hook, New York and bay to Fort Edward, also the communication with Canada by Lake George and Lake Champlain, as high as Fort Chambly on Sorel River.

MTA bridges and tunnels carry more than 297 million vehicles a year – more than any bridge and tunnel authority in the nation.

While nearly 85 percent of the nation's workers need automobiles to get to their jobs, four of every five rush-hour commuters to New York City's central business districts avoid traffic congestion by taking transit service – most of it operated by the MTA.

Great views, kids' programs and an outdoor pool add to its appeal.

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Probably an inset from Emanuel Bowen's map, "Particular draughts and plans of some of the principal towns and harbours ..." Relief shown pictorially with depths by soundings. A map of the most inhabited part of New England, containing the provinces of Massachusetts Bay and New Hampshire, with the colonies of Konekticut and Rhode Island, divided into counties and townships: the whole composed from actual surveys and its situation adjusted by astronomical observations A new chart of the coast of North America : from New York to Cape Hatteras, including the bays of Delaware and Chesapeak, with the coasts of New Jersey, Maryland, Virginia and part of the coast of North Carolina Circa 1690 map, covering Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, southeastern New York, New Jersey, eastern Pennsylvania, Delaware, eastern Maryland, and eastern Virginia. A new mapp of America : devided according to the best and latest observations and discoveries, wherein are described by their proper names, the seaverall countries that belonge to ye English, which are wholly left out in all French and Dutch maps, viz. Includes distance charts, notes, decorative cartouche, and insets of New York and Boston harbors, Casco Bay, Annapolis Royal, and the Atlantic Ocean from the equator to N 600.Map circa 1758 showing the Hudson River from Albany to Fort Edward, the Mohawk and Hoosic rivers, Schoharie Creek, roads and villages adjacent, and some landowners.Includes descriptive notes, some indicate number of families in each village.(g) (i) No person who uses a radar or laser detector in a vehicle with a gross vehicle weight rating of more than eighteen thousand pounds, or a commercial motor vehicle with a gross vehicle weight rating of more than ten thousand pounds, shall drive at a speed in excess of fifty-five miles per hour or, if a maximum speed limit other than fifty-five miles per hour as hereinbefore authorized has been established, at a speed in excess of such speed limit.The presence in any such vehicle of either: (1) a radar or laser detector connected to a power source and in an operable condition; or (2) a concealed radar or laser detector where a part of such detector is securely affixed to some part of the vehicle outside of the cab, in a manner which renders the detector not readily observable, is presumptive evidence of its use by any person operating such vehicle.Two places worth shelling out a few bucks for admission are the Spy Museum and the Newseum.


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