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The gentleman photo he's using is Michael Owen; but the scam artist goes by the name; David Benson [email protected] He posed as a handsome well built man, which he stole the photo from a modeling web site.I am not online to entertain fools,idiots,and those who play games online because they think they are above reproach.I never will lower my standards nor my understanding to suit those who are too damn lazy to have their own mind.“Yea dats me getting my dunk on an s**t at da bottom.and u see da shirt, texas longhorns baby, get at ur boy,” he continued. But, in addition to penning a message for that special some one, he also had something to say to his “haters.” “O yea, all da haters thanx for doin u and helpin me out,” he added. Where we chat, we even exchanged cell phone numbers.

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For his profile picture, he wore a white tee shirt, with blue baseball cap that was tilted to one side. Although Kevin wasn’t quite the star he is today, he didn’t hesitate to brag about his skills.Yeah, nice community and always worth checking out. It ain't a real dating site though so if you really want to go into serious dating you rather use large black dating sites sites like Black Singles4or maybe Been an active member since 2011 so I know there ain't no better community for us.Keep it up guys, you have build up hell of a forum You have people stealing your posts and pictures. They are a pure racist website, there spokesmen are only into talking degradingly about white men's ethic level.There's simply too many people online sucking up to one another,calling yourselves teaming up to flame,harass,and annoy others.It's not cute,it's not effective,and it will be shut down.I hope this scam can be stopped out of Nigeria, Lagos State in Africa.


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