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After this, Richard began working as a traveling singer, working with doctors and spiritualists to draw attention to their work. Career: In 1951, Richard released his first single, 'Every Hour', and began performing at army bases and clubs due to his sudden new fame.He then began learning to play the piano, but his record failed to catch on with audiences, causing him to leave his record label.Those are questions we’ll never have the answers to, but those are answers that Little Richard probably doesn’t need because regardless of if society accepted him or not, he has proven time and time again that he will always be who he is no matter what.Jamie Foxx’s fans are on social media cuttin’ up today…and for a good reason.At this point in our lives, we know, or know someone who’s friend or family members have non-traditional sexual preferences, so we are smarter and therefore wiser.With that being said, take a look at a few tidbits from Little Richard’s mouth, then you decided…are we more in tune with our hearts or have we lost all sense of morals?PHOTOS: Little Richard in the 70s His original fans remember his early days, filled with sequins, fringe and other bold style choices.

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He said he wanted seven boys, and that I had spoiled it, because I was gay.” Bud was shot dead outside a local bar when Richard was 19. In recent years, he has developed a more liberal view of homosexuality.

Little Richard (born Richard Wayne Penniman ) Little Richard is an American musician best known for songs like 'Tutti Frutti' and 'Long Tall Sally'.

Net Worth: According to Celebrity Net Worth in 2013, Little Richard has a net worth of 40 million USD.

Little Richard has lived quite an interesting life- one that he himself has said has been peppered with alcohol, cocaine, angel dust, same-sex attractions, orgies, church sermons, and Bible sessions, but through it all, there’s one thing that has remained a constant in his life: his love for the stage.

In a 2010 interview, there are many details that Little Richard revealed about his colorful life- some tragic and some are just straight up entertaining to say the least.


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