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In fact, even if you don’t see the irritation that removal causes, the skin is inflamed anyway, and combined with the temperature of your lady parts (I know, I went there), it can cause a breeding ground for bacteria, according to If that makes you squirm a little, you might want to think about those monthly wax sessions or even shaving.2.

Researchers Think Grooming Has Led to More STIs Because of those little microscopic wounds, a lot of researchers believe there is a correlation between increased STIs among women who groom, which is just terrifying.

Her slim waist and megawatt smile hearken back to the polyvinyl glamour of the original Barbie doll.

In fact, if Mattel were to redesign Barbie based on the new millennium's ideal woman, she would likely resemble Pinto.

Half a minute later, she swiftly peels away the hardened wax -- and with it, a full crop of pubic hair, freshly ripped from the follicles.

If you're squeamishly wondering how much the college senior gets paid for submitting to these weird acts of perverse, pornographic violence, brace yourself for the truly agonizing part: It's actually Pinto who shells out the cash, paying her regular waxer, Anna, more than every time. But it's on the fast track to the endangered species list, and its chief predators include the porn industry, smaller bathing suits and lingerie bottoms, and the Kardashian sisters (case in point: Kim once famously proclaimed that women "shouldn't have hair anywhere but their heads"). Once upon a time, all vulvas were coated in a protective layer of coarse, woolly tresses. It's kind of like the revelation that horses once had toes, or that the Ford Mustang once had tailfins. Enter the seven Padilha sisters, immigrants from Brazil.

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Well, according to a video from Timeline News it’s all down to an advert in Harper’s Bazaar in 1915.

Ladies, breaking news: it is time to step away from the molten wax and let our lady gardens grow free. Thanks to pornography and those swooping crotch-shots of female singers’ hair-free gusset regions, female pubes have withered and died; a whole generation of young men are grossed out by Mother Nature’s handiwork because it hasn’t appeared on porn stars since the early 1990s and girls as young as 12 are trying to rid themselves of their pubescent femininity at a time when they should be celebrating their womanliness.

Perhaps you already suspected something was afoot from the re-emergence of the lesser-spotted foof in the gym changing rooms. Like so many fashion trends (false nails, hair extensions, fake tans), we can’t kid ourselves that the bald nunny arose out of a demand from our partners.

Before then, ladies weren’t really shaving anything.

The ad told women that modern dancing and sleeveless dresses were the next big thing, meaning ‘objectionable hair’ was out.


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