Dating circumcised forums

I was fascinated by what I read, and it validated all my feelings of violation and the conviction that loosing my foreskin had been a very bad thing.I had always felt that I was missing something important, and I envied those boys who were whole.

That started a lifelong curiosity as to what was circumcision and why was it done.I have to admit I prefer a circumcised penis; it's nicer to put in my mouth.I realize that circumcision means a loss of sensitivity for the man, and there can be other complications, etc...In the USA there is a law against all forms of female circumcision performed on females under 18.When a female turns 18 she has the right to choose to get circumcised if she wants just as at that age she has the right to get a tattoo if she wants one.For all of the male members of this site that are upset about having been circumcised, please tell us about why you are upset and how being circumcised has affected your life.


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