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For example Italian traveler Ludovico di Varthema (early 15-16th century) calls the Gods worshiped by Zamorin kings of Calicut as devils: ” The King of Calicut is a Pagan, and worship; the devil in the manneryou shall hear.

They acknowledge that there is a God who has createdthe heaven and the earth and all the world; and they say that if he wishedto judge you and me, a third and a fourth, he would have no pleasure inbeing Lord; but that he has sent this his spirit, that is the devil, into thisworld to do justice: and to him who does good he does good, and to himwho does evil he does evil.

The early European Christians who had contacts with the Hindus and their practices considered Hindu Gods as evil beings.

he evangelists or Christian missionaries have always spread hatred against Hindus by insulting the Gods worshiped by them – calling the followers of Hindu Dharma as Satan worshipers.

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This description of course comes from unadulterated pan-Abrahamic hatred against Polytheists, Idolators and other Pagan worshipers Coming to modern era, a new Christian website in Malayalam has appeared, calling Hindu Devatas as Satans.

It is about three students at a boarding school and how they face up to challenges in their lives.

The film is about the friendship of three girls: Sarah Elizabeth (Roma), Pooja Krishna (Parvathy) and Sridevi (Mariya Roy), all studying in 12th standard at Lord's Academy in Ooty.

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