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The virus remains in certain nerve cells of the body for life, causing periodic symptoms of genital herpes in some people.Many people who are infected with HSV never develop any symptoms of genital herpes at all.

Genital herpes is a contagious viral infection that affects an estimated 45 million Americans.

I have the HSV1 , I'd had ...-13-2015) Our last sexual encounter was 6-29-2015. Is it possible I got this disease from me after being together ... i have tesed hsv2 using RPR method test, my results are hsv2 ig G antibodies 1.9 possitive hsv ig ...

He tested negative for hsv2 but positive for hsv1 . I have HSV-2 genital herpes and am on a daily 500mg dose of valacyclovir. Now I m finding out that I can expose someone without having any symptoms. A girl I recently started seeing told me she had HSV2. After my appointment, I was called back and told I tested positive for Chlamydia and HSV2. Hi I got my HSV2 Result today It states Infection - HSV1 2-Ig GAb to Herpes Simplex Virus serum ..., but has no symptoms of Herpes.

Typically these will occur around the lips but can occur in the nose, the mouth, cheeks, or even the eye! S male adult population have genital herpes otherwise known as HSV-2.

Again, many of these guys don’t know they have it or aren't experiencing outbreaks.


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