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If your Kindle was made in 2012 or earlier, Amazon wants your device to be on the latest version of its software.If you missed the March 22 deadline to get an over-the-air update, you'll have to update your device manually. For users who stay connected to Wi-Fi, the update may have already installed.Please make sure you are within wireless range and try again.'Customers using an outdated software version on Kindle e-readers require an important software update by March 22, 2016 in order to continue to download Kindle books from the Cloud, access the Kindle Store, and use other Kindle services on their device.To get the latest software update via Wi-Fi, Kindle owners will need to connect their Kindle to their Wi-Fi network, then select the 'Menu' option from the home screen, before choosing 'Sync' and 'Check for Items'.You'll also be able to share quotes from books directly to Facebook, Twitter, and Goodreads, and anyone who sees the share can read a preview of the book right in their browser without needing to sign in to Amazon.And while the list of recommended books remains at the bottom of the home screen, Amazon is implementing a new system to help hone those suggestions; you can enter your favorite genres and rate some specific books to give Amazon a better idea of what to surface.

To do that, you can swipe down from the top of the screen and tap Settings. You'll see a message like "Your device is running Fire OS " if you already have the latest version installed.A product's 5-star rating, which previously was a pure average of all reviews, will also become weighted using those same criteria, and so may change more often.There's no word yet on whether this new platform will roll out to other countries.You can find out if your Kindle is on the latest version by going to Menu "Your Kindle is unable to connect at this time.Please make sure you are within wireless range and try again.This will be the method of choice for most folks since it’s quick and simple.


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