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Gaming, science fiction, fantasy, and horror streams have all become more prevalent at these events, and all in a number of media forms.But genre TV and film actors in particular have taken up the mantle of focus, moving comic cons more into the realm of media expos.Just try to resist taking a selfie with Iron Man, Superman, or Harry Potter.You can also dress up as your favorite character and interact with other great characters.Zombies, superheroes, aliens, cartoon characters, the Enterprise crew, and all your favorite characters from comic books, science-fiction movies, and television will be at the annual Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo.It’s the second largest convention in Canada, and each year since 2006, it has attracted thousands of visitors to the city of Calgary, Alberta.Must Love Comic Books: Ian Goodwillie takes a deeper look into nerd love and stereotype in the world of Geek Speed Dating at comic cons.No matter which geek flag you fly, you can usually find something in your wheelhouse at most comic cons.

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it includes distinctly branded sections, including gx (gaming expo) and sfx (science fiction expo), and formerly cnanime (canadian national anime expo).

As these events grow in popularity and attendance, the breadth of what’s offered increases.

What were previously comic-centric events have transitioned into truly multimedia events.

this registration is not a contract and does not assure you a spot in chicago comic & entertainment expo 2017's artist alley.

frakes, anthony head, roxann dawson, hudson leick, jeremy bulloch, richard biggs, peter david, chris claremont, barry windsor-smith, adam kubert, david finch (comics), jae lee, brian michael bendis, the entire cast of earth: final conflict.


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