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It is up to you to decide when you wish to start your next maternity leave and you should give your employer notice of the date you wish to start your next maternity leave in the 15 week before your next baby is due or before the date you wish to start your next maternity leave you will have to return to work for the time in between (but see below).

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You get 90% of your average earnings for the first six weeks.She is pacing up and down in her enclosure and looks a little tired.But her army of fans are glad that they can keep an eye on her progress after the animal park’s live cam went down a couple of days ago.One Twitter user tweeted: “ Checking in on April has become part of our morning routine!April the pregnant giraffe is all set to give birth at the Animal Adventure Park in upstate New York.It's very exciting to "see" your baby in the womb, often moving his or her hands and legs.


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    The data, compiled by Pew Research Center using a national survey of over 2,000 adults last summer, shows that 65% of Americans now believe that robots and computers will replace much of the work currently done by humans within the next 50 years.