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During the I Love New York 2 reunion special, George proposed a second time.Tiffany accepted and they currently live together in Queens.Tiff Pollard's latest show (New York Goes to Hollywood) shows her attempts at pursuing her dream of becoming an actress. New York & her mom decide to do a background check on the remaining 5 guys so they invite the guy's ex-girlfriends for dinner to get the "skeletons in the closet" out in the open.

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looking for contestants for their new series tentatively titled The Flavorette.But, after watching the show air he broke off the engagement due to comments made about his mother.During I Love New York 2, George Weisgerber ("Taylor Made") proposed to Tiffany, but was turned down.Based on that, mom gets to decide who next dates N. I Love New York (season 1) is first season of the VH1 reality television series entitled I Love New York.The mother of actor Jason Patric's son, Gus, has made some shocking allegations against the actor as the two currently are engaged in a bitter custody battle over the boy, for whom Patric was only supposed to be a 'sperm donor.'Schreiber tells the magazine that Patric was only supposed to be a sperm donor so she could have a child and raise it - even if that meant doing so as a single parent.


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