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Every interaction counts, from the conference room to G-chat to the soccer field.Start seeing technology as a useful tool to get to know guys better. Before you know it, your convos will be getting offline."Instead of trying to micromanage your love life, create open spots for men, planned or unplanned, to fill," Massa says. Until you do, a guy may not even realize you're into him.Make yourself available to who you might meet and where the evening could take you."The more you're open to letting guys show you all the different sides of themselves, the more likely you'll surprise yourself and fall in love with one of them," Massa explains. Finally, you and The Prospective Boyfriend are doing something romantic that could lead to something serious.

Many arranged marriages work all too interestingly.

Ellen Fein and Sherrie Schneider's 1995 bestseller "The Rules," explains how women should play hard if they want to get their guy.

I can understand why some groups would be hostile about this, but the fact is that when we grow up, there are a predefined set of dating rules.

To the old-soul romantic stuck in the Millennial generation, this was like telling a 5-year-old that Santa Claus isn’t real the night before Christmas.

This isn’t to say I disagreed with the lessons I’d just learned, because, on the contrary, it was more fear that it was 100 percent true, and that’s a scary thought when the romanticized perception of love you possess gets outshone by a near-mathematical equation of it. I didn’t want to believe it was true that there were no exceptions to any of these rules.


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    When it comes to planning dates with someone new, shy people tend to be too passive.

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