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I am persuaded by the evidence that the Shroud of Turin is the burial sheet of Jesus Christ and bears His crucified and resurrected image.

This part "#2 The Vignon markings (4)" is a continuation from my part #2 (3), of my series "Four proofs that the AD 1260-1390 radiocarbon date for the Shroud has to be wrong!

Stephen may be right but I need to look into this a bit more.

I was trying to replicate Ian Wilson’s folding pattern. Here is a bit of what Stephen has to say: A commenter on Dan Porter’s Shroud of Turin blog pointed out what I had previously realised, but had forgotten, that Dan’s "Tetradiplon" graphic illustrating how the Shroud of Turin, when "four-doubled" (Greek tetradiplon), with Jesus’ face uppermost, results in Jesus’ face only within a rectangle, in landscape aspect (exactly as in the oldest copies of the Image of Edessa), has a flaw in that it only shows three doublings of the Shroud (see above).

I’m not convinced that tetradiplon is four doublings in the most literal sense or doublings into what is essentially fourths. Even Ian Wilson’s illustrations of this in his books (e.g.

"The Evidence of the Shroud," 1986, p.113; "Holy Faces, Secret Places," 1991, p.142; "The Blood and the Shroud," 1998, p.153; "The Turin Shroud," 2000, p.111; and "The Shroud," 2010, p.141), show the Shroud doubled only three times.

The Watcher always enjoys the bizarre relationship captions that “TAR” provides the pairings.

[3] The face of Christ is so close iconographically to the coins of Justinian II (see part #2 (3)) that its date is probably the same - the end of the seventh century.[3]In the 1930s, artist and biologist Paul Vignon began his study of sixth to twelfth century Byzantine faces of Christ which had certain peculiar markings that are also found on the Shroud.The 32,000-mile Race sounds intriguing, with the show’s first visits to Bangladesh, Ghana and the Arctic Circle. Nick De Carlo, 26, bartender and Vicki Casciola, hair stylist, Henderson, Nev.“The Amazing Race” premieres with a 90-minute episode Sept. RC: Dating Ron Kellum, 45, director/choreographer, Los Angeles and Tony Stovall, 42, doctoral student, Tucson. RC: Doctors/Friends Gary Ervin, 53, entrepreneur, Morganfield, Ky.The dating system is thought to have originated in the ancient city of Assur, and remained the official dating system in Assyria until the end of the Assyrian Empire in the seventh century BCE.The names of the Limmu who became eponyms were originally chosen by lot sortition, until the first millennium it became a fixed rotation of officers headed by the king who constituted the limmu.[4] He paid special attention to this Christ Pantocrator in the catacomb of St.


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