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PHOTOS: Hollywood’s Dirtiest Divorces An affair with Howard Hughes followed, and Ava revealed he was a strident racist.

Her on-again, off-again ghost, Peter Evans, died before completing the book (Gardner herself died in 1990).She quotes Rooney as saying, “I wanted to f**k you the moment I saw you.” Gardner was an 18-year-old virgin at the time, and told Evans, “I was shocked.He’d screw anything that moved.” He even cheated on Ava – then one of the most glamorous women in Hollywood — within the first months of their marriage while she was in the hospital having her appendix out.The book reports in depth about whether Frank Sinatra, besides being manic and nasty, was well endowed (it remains ambiguous).The memoir, based on Gardner’s middle-of-the-night rants, effectively reminds us of the salty jargon of that glitzy era.There’s so much media chatter about the sad state of the movie business that I’ve decided to focus on the sad state of the memoir business. One of the hottest summer reads is a showbiz bio that the subject tried to suppress and her ghostwriter never finished.


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