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Building a railway that linked the East portions of Canada to the Western areas is amazing. It is actually possible for the engineer to observe the end of the train while climbing these long grades. The watch featured in this gallery is mounted in a sterling silver case.

Just as rugged as the terrain that the Canadian Pacific traveled, were the wonderful Waltham watches used on this route. The porcelain dial also has the familiar Canadian 24 hour markings. The dial on this nice 2 star watch is made using fine white porcelain and is double sunk.

Macdonald also saw it as essential to the creation of a unified Canadian nation that would stretch across the continent.

Moreover, manufacturing interests in Quebec and Ontario desired access to sources of raw materials and markets in Canada's west.

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Above are some more pictures of another very nice Canadian Pacific Railroad 18 size pocket watch. These are very desirable and highly collectible watches.

The Great Canadian Pacific Railway The Canadian Pacific Railway was without any doubt one of man's greatest accomplishments.

The Canadian Rockies represent some of the most rugged terrain known to man.

Rail , said in his preface of the book about the history of his Company.

Since the beginning the simple raolroad activity of CP Rail expanded the business to maritime transportation , telegraph service , hotels chains (Fairmont Hotels) and airlines companies (Canadian Airlines ).


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