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An app that essentially elevates coughing into a smartphone into a sophisticated diagnostic tool has performed well again in a clinical study.

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Pew Research reports have documented in great detail how the rise of social media has affected such things as work, politics and political deliberation, communications patterns around the globe, as well as the way people get and share information about health, civic life, news consumption, communities, teenage life, parenting, dating and even people’s level of stress.

A special analysis of 27 national surveys of Americans across the past decade documents this substantial spread of technology throughout the population, although the overall number of users of social networking sites has leveled off since 2013.

Similar to the success of the previous study on pediatric patients, the algorithms were able to correctly identify lower respiratory tract disease in 84 percent of patients who were initially diagnosed as clear by real doctors using real stethoscopes (but were later found to have the diseases after additional clinical testing).

“We are pleased to again report high levels of accuracy in a significantly larger dataset, which continues to build our clinical evidence base as we progress toward an FDA submission,” Tony Keating, CEO and managing director of Res App said in a statement.


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