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Use the chart below to determine the year the deck was printed.

He purchased the copyrights to Dolph and Street Co. Because of his unique style and easy to read format, his street and road maps became popular in the New York metropolitan area around the 1930's and 40's.The code consists of a letter usually followed by a number. The letter is really the only thing helpful to collectors; the numbers are likely related to the printing run. and New York Consolidated Co., at the time subsidiaries of USPCC, also used these same codes. became part of USPCC they also began to use the codes. Poppy is shy & mousy but she is smart & only complaint is the end, it seems very rushed to me, the book ends just after the declaration of love. Cracking the Dating Code is a fun and light-hearted story about a brilliant cryptologist who is looking to break the code to a government encrypted file and locate her missing brother and a oil-rigger who is dealing with the recent tragedy of a rig explosion that killed one of his men and seriously wounded another.Which brings us to the following: With litter expertise (and here I should introduce my panel of decipherers: Decoders 1, 2 and 3), and even less research, may I present The Code, Dating Riddles Solved.


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