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It also creates a restore point right before a major system event, like installing a new device driver, app, or running Windows update.

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When files are deleted, or format happens, the raw bytes data are not erased, Windows 8 only mark the space as free so that any new data can use the space freely.

As a computer user, you will not be able to browse those files are entry of the file in file table has be deleted.

To create a restore point in Windows XP, follow the steps below.

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If you ever need to rollback Windows to an earlier time, on the System Protection tab, click the System Restore button and follow the prompts to initiate the rollback.

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It support home and business laptops, netbooks, desktops, tablet PCs, servers, and Windows Phones.

You may deleted the wrong file and want to undelete Windows 8 file, accident format may happen and it is needed to recover lost files after format hard drive on windows 8.


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