Dating ruinnabor

Take Marilyn Monroe, who died way before she should have.

Take Elle Macpherson, who in her 40s still has gorgeous looks, and yet she hasn’t held or kept a man.

I just like having one, and knowing that going for my regular allergy shots can often put an extra skip in my step. And, jealous women can be women on the street whom you don’t know, or even a jealous friend or jealous friends, in the form of ‘frenemies’ – friends who sometimes seem like a friend, and other times seem to want the worst for you. And a physically gorgeous woman; even a famous woman crowned the most beautiful woman in the world, cannot have it all.(Click here to take the quiz on “How Naturally Feminine Am I Actually? Take Halle Berry for example, having been cheated on or left by every man she’s been with. She admits she has a crush on her father’s young, successful, athletic neighbor. He also admits to crushes on Diane Lane, Anne Hathaway, Laura Linney and Julianne Moore. At least that’s what the experts say, though truth be told, I didn’t need to ask them because when I talked to my girlfriends they all said the same thing. Paula Holt who blogs at Marital Musings thinks it’s best to not know your crush well or have regular contact with said fascination (think the UPS delivery man, not the guy who sits in the next cubicle).“A more appropriate security system could be achieved by a greater number of inward-facing, low-level cameras,” said the complaint from Eye and Dunsden Parish Council.


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