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Over 70 high school students from across the United States will compete for the Jimmy for best performance by an actor and actress at this presentation.

The talent showcase will feature ensemble as well as solo performances.

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Racist ideology informed colonial relationships and legislative interventions imposed upon Aboriginal people for over 200 years.Ben Platt, currently starring on Broadway in Dear Evan Hansen, will host the ninth annual Jimmy Awards ceremony.The Jimmys are also known as the National High School Musical Theatre Awards.To suggest to a group of people that race doesn't matter, when for generations they've been oppressed on this very basis, is either extremely naïve or extremely offensive. but he has been "at worst, dishonest and misleading and at best, grossly careless", in the words of the Court of Appeal in their judgement in Popovic v Herald & Weekly Times & Anor in 2002.Bolt insists that he has been silenced from commenting about Aboriginal people's identity, when he knows this to be untrue.But race as a biological construct is useless, whether Aboriginal people all have black skin or white skin.


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