Dating man 47 iceland

I run through the shoddy Icelandic in my head as the phone rings. Luckily, Icelanders aren’t the chattiest of people, so I doubt I’ll have to fend off any unexpected and potentially confusing questions. “Can I take your name,” says the girl on the phone. I know, because they keep smiling and waving at him on the street. It’s dark again already and I’m hoping for more snow — there’s nothing like sitting in the hot–pots with snowflakes melting as they land on your face.

Former President Vigdis Finnbogadottir said Iceland must take steps to protect its language.

The recorded history of Iceland began with the settlement by Viking explorers and their slaves from the east, particularly Norway and the British Isles, in the late ninth century.

Iceland was still uninhabited long after the rest of Western Europe had been settled.

Teachers are already sensing a change among students in the scope of their Icelandic vocabulary and reading comprehension.

Anna Jonsdottir, a teaching consultant, said she often hears teenagers speak English among themselves when she visits schools in Reykjavik, the capital.


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